What Can Injectable Neurotoxins Do for You?

Injectable neurotoxins, which go by BOTOX®, Xeomin, Dysport and Daxxify have been the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments since 2000. That should come as no surprise since these solutions offer an effective way to smooth dynamic wrinkles and restore a more youthful look to the skin.
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At Deja You Medical in Navarre, FL, we want you to see the significant impact that injectable neurotoxins can offer when administered by our skilled team. Backed by our knowledge and thoughtful research, we provide the best treatments available to our clients.

Read on to learn more about why we recommend BOTOX, Xeomin, Dysport and Daxxify and what they can do for you.

How Do Injectable Neurotoxins Work?

Injectable neurotoxins temporarily block the nerve signals that travel to the muscles, weakening facial movements that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Patients who receive neurotoxin injections still make facial expressions, but they are less exaggerated.

By inhibiting muscle contractions in certain areas, namely the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes, neurotoxins smooth dynamic wrinkles formed by facial expressions.

All neurotoxins used in cosmetic procedures come from botulinum toxin type A. At Deja You Medical, our certified medical team administers these injections in small, diluted amounts, targeting precise locations.

How Long Do Injectable Neurotoxin Treatments Last?

Neurotoxin treatments begin to block nerve signals within a minute of an injection, but it takes three to seven days for results to appear. Most patients see the full effect of BOTOX treatments around ten to fourteen days after their injections.

Over time, the body processes the neurotoxin treatments, and new nerves will form connections to the muscles. As a result, the muscle activity will restore communication, and movements will return completely about three to four months after injections.

What Areas Do Injectable Neurotoxins Treat?

Injectable neurotoxins treat more than fine lines and wrinkles. They also offer relief from muscle spasms, excessive sweating, migraines, blepharospasm (eyelid muscle spasms), TMJ, bruxism (teeth grinding) and more. However, for cosmetic purposes, injectable neurotoxins target areas where facial expressions are most pronounced, including:

  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Glabellar lines (“elevens” that form between the eyebrows)
  • Wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Cobblestone chin
  • Jowling and sagging in the neck (“Nefertiti Neck Lift”)

BOTOX injections can also relax the mouth muscles used when smiling and reduce the appearance of a gummy smile. It’s important to note that while injectable neurotoxins provide impressive results in targeted treatment areas, results depend significantly on the injector. Therefore, at Deja You Medical, only our skilled medical providers administer our neurotoxin injections.

When Should I Start Neurotoxin Injections?

Patients in their 20s and older will see improvement in their appearance from injectable neurotoxins.

Even patients who don’t have wrinkles yet benefit from neurotoxin injections. Since these treatments soften facial expressions, patients who undergo injections may look more refreshed or less concerned. Additionally, since dynamic wrinkles form through repeated use, neurotoxin injections delay the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Patients in their 30s and 40s will see the beginning of fine lines and wrinkles and may choose neurotoxin injections to soften lines and prevent wrinkles from worsening.

When patients reach their 50s and 60s, they may use neurotoxin injections to soften wrinkles and provide a more rested, youthful look. Many patients find their eyebrows begin to lower as they age, giving them an angry look. Strategically placed neurotoxin injections can lift a slight drop of the browline and improve heaviness around the eyelids.

Are All Injectable Neurotoxins the Same?

While all injectable neurotoxins use the same active ingredient, botulinum toxin type A, they each offer a different molecular structure. The structural differences between BOTOX, Xeomin, Dysport, and Daxxify change how quickly you see results, which areas are treated, and how the body reacts.

BOTOX is perhaps the most well-known cosmetic injectable, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it’s the best. It was the first neurotoxin approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes.

At Deja You Medical, we offer BOTOX, Xeomin, Dysport and Daxxify as our preferred injectable neurotoxins. Because the differences in the types of neurotoxins are subtle, it’s essential to use a provider who understands the complexities of each option to obtain the best results. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss the best injectable for your needs.

How Is Xeomin Different?

Xeomin is often referred to as “naked BOTOX” since the treatment uses the same active ingredient as BOTOX, botulinum toxin type A, but without additional proteins contained in BOTOX injections.

Xeomin’s purified form of botulinum toxin offers decreased allergic reactions to the injectable and decreased immuno-resistance. Over time, some patients find their BOTOX injections’ effectiveness decreases due to immuno-resistance, which doesn’t occur with Xeomin.

Initial results from Xeomin injections tend to appear five to seven days after treatments and can last from three to six months. While BOTOX and Xeomin show similar effectiveness, some studies show that Xeomin injections work faster and last longer than BOTOX injections.

How Is Dysport Different?

Dysport is more similar to BOTOX than Xeomin, as it still contains the naturally occurring proteins in BOTOX. However, the most significant difference in the makeup of Dysport versus BOTOX is in its concentration.

Dysport is more diluted than BOTOX, but it’s also more economical. While a Dysport treatment may use more of the injectable than a similar BOTOX treatment, the overall price is often identical.

When injected, Dysport spreads faster, covering a larger surface area. It acts quickly and distributes evenly and effectively. As a result, our medical providers may choose Dysport when treating a larger area, such as the forehead.

Dysport results appear faster — in as few as three days after treatment — and tend to last three to four months before patients need another treatment to maintain their results.

Discover Smoother, Younger-Looking Skin

Injectable neurotoxins offer significant advantages in restoring your skin’s smooth, youthful look with fast, natural-looking results. However, achieving the best results from your BOTOX, Xeomin or Dysport injections relies on the skill of your provider.

At Deja You Medical in Navarre, FL, our skilled medical team takes the time to listen to your treatment goals and works precisely to help you achieve them.

If you’re ready to see what injectable neurotoxins can do for your appearance, schedule your appointment with Deja You Medical today!

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