Medical-Grade Skin Care

Deja You Medical proudly offers Jan Marini Skin Research products!

Keep Your Skin Care Game Tops with Jan Marini Skin Research Products

One of the most vital components of effective anti-aging treatment programs is medical-grade skin care products. That’s where Jan Marini Skin Research shines.

Jan Marini Products

We carry the full line of essential products, and you can also order online with FREE two-day shipping! Here are some of our favorites!

Jan Marini Luminate MD

The Luminate line uses advanced lightening technology with a patented combination of ingredients to lighten discolorations and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Jan Marini Duality MD

Jan Marini Duality MD products use advanced skin technologies to synergistically improve a variety of skin concerns, from sun damage and uneven texture to fine lines and wrinkles.

Jan Marini Regeneration Booster

This patented collection of ingredients combines peptides, growth factors, and antioxidants to reduce fine lines, hydrate the skin, and improve skin tone and texture.

Jan Marini Hyla3D Face Cream

This advanced formula elevates hyaluronic acid in five ways, provides barrier function support, and restores skin hydration to boost volume.

Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol MD

Concentrated peptides and retinol are blended with bisabolol, chrysin, green tea extract, and hyaluronic acid to improve texture and reduce sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Jan Marini Clean Zyme

This home care exfoliation cleanser contains proteolytic enzymes from papaya to resurface the skin and reveal a healthy, polished, smooth complexion. It removes dead skin cells without harming sensitive or irritated skin tissues.

Jan Marini Skin Zyme

Skin Zyme is a mask that exfoliates without irritating sensitive skin. It reveals a polished, healthy look, thanks to proteolytic enzymes in the formula.

Jan Marini Juveneck Cream

Juveneck is designed to restore tone, smoothness, and tightness to aging skin around the neck. With peptides to enhance cell growth, sweet almond oil, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter, your skin can look bright and rejuvenated.

Medical-Grade Skin Care with Jan Marini Skin Research

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