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Get all the perks a diva like you deserves with our membership program. Memberships are for a six-month period and are automatically billed each month.

Our membership plan is structured to keep you on track through a proactive and consistent approach to your anti-aging program. We customize your treatments and products to help you meet your goals and results. Our Divas enjoy special pricing on all of our treatments as well as exclusive access to our Diva only events.

The DYM Diva Membership

members choose one each month!
Deluxe Hydrafacial MD
Bespoke Deja You Facial + take home a skin care product recommended just for you
Our monthly featured treatment
Bank it!
Members also enjoy:
10% savings on ALL services and skincare
Additional 10% savings on packages
Diva ONLY events and giveaways
become a diva

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